Throw Down: Fight Night – The Beginnings

Ahead of Throw Down: Fight Night II at Venue Cymru on March 1st, we took the chance to speak with Mike Egan who brought the idea of a new fight series in north Wales to prominence with Azi Thomas.

Here is what he had to say about the upcoming second show, a potential rivalry with Battle in the Bay and talk of a World Title fight.

1. Where did the first idea’s come from to set up another fight series in north Wales?
Myself and Azi Thomas had been sparring together on a few occasions and spoke about how we were fed up with being treated on other local shows. We also wanted to start are own shows where our fighters weren’t being stitched up and treated fairly.

2. Once the idea was in mind, what were the next steps in setting up the team behind Throw Down?
With training ourselves and running our own clubs, me aswell as working full time me and Azi, asked Sam Evans to come in to take abit of the strain and help with promotional aspects of the show.

3. What was the inspiration or purpose behind wanting to set up a fight series in north Wales?
We live in north Wales so have a large following in the area as do our fighters so it was the best place to set up a new series of shows. We wanted to bring the best MMA action to the area.

4. Did you consider there would be a rivalry with ‘Battle in the Bay’?
Not for one minute did I see ‘Battle in the Bay’ a rivalry, all the fights are fair matches for a start. We’re not in direct competition with the ‘Battle in the Bay’. Our show is totally different and that is our appeal. We don’t do amateur MMA with no head shots and our pro fights have the use of elbows. We want to give the public what they pay to see – 50/50 fights where people can’t pick a winner, that’s what makes for the most entertaining fights.

5. How did you consider you would take this series beyond the current set up in north Wales?
For now we are just trying to build the brand and get the promotion and fighters more exposure by doing shows in different towns. We’re looking to generate the biggest following there has ever been fight fans in north Wales.

6. What are the plans to expand the show? Can we see a show outside of north Wales, maybe taking the series to a city?
We are taking it one show at a time at present, but we do have big plans for the future. Watch this space.

7. The first show of the series was at Colwyn Bay’s – Eirias Parc on November 30th, would you consider the show was a success?
I thought the first show went brilliantly, there were some great fights that people are still talking about now, some real wars. The show was a sell out and the crowds response was great, the atmosphere was second to none.

8. Throw Down Fight Night II is set for Venue Cymru on March 1st, what can fight fans expect to see in the second instalment?
The crowd can expect to see more great action, more very good local fighters on the bill and the promotions first World Title bout featuring Eugene Valerio who gets the chance to fight in his own town for the first time in a 28 year career.

9. The main event at Throw Down II will be for a World Title fight, how do you imagine you can better this in future shows?
People were asking how we were going to beat the first show, I think we’re well on our way this time round, and I promise things will only continue to get better. If we have got a World Title fight on only our second show, it shows where our aspirations are at in terms of really making this fight series pretty big.

10. Finally, a word to fight fans in north Wales?
There are very few tickets left for the show with weeks still left, the last one sold out so don’t  miss your chance to support all these great local fighters, also i promise a knock out in my fight.

*Limited tickets still available, for details see our tickets page here.

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